Toolangi National Park

On Friday the 29th August 5MR and 5RK visited Toolangi National Park. We were lucky enough to visit two different types of forest – Mountain Ash and a rainforest as well as a logging site. It was a great opportunity for us to not only experience life in the forest, but also learn important things about our unit on bushfires.

Some of the trees we saw were hundreds of years old and the small section of rainforest contained vegetation species that could be traced back to the time of the dinosaurs. It was fascinating to hear how trees have evolved to cope with bushfire and the firestick farming methods of Indigenous Australians. Some of the seeds from the trees will only open with the immense heat of the bushfire, so in some ways bushfire can actually help in the re-generation process. Bushfires are extremely bad for rainforests however as they don’t re-generate. The logging site that we saw had been cleared of trees in 2013 and it will take 75 years before they grow back to that height again. There were so many interesting things and I would love to hear some of the reflections from students as well. Here are a few photos:


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