Welcome to our class blog

Welcome to the 5MR class blog. Maybe you are just visiting our online space or perhaps you are commenting on some of the things we doing. Either way we hope you enjoy the journey that we are on in 2014!

We will be using this space to:

  • develop our student voice
  • establish meaningful learning conversations
  • learn about appropriate online behaviour
  • utilise specific learning resources


Our class have chosen a motto that represents how we feel about each other:

‘No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers’IMG_20140321_160757


We also chose ‘Steve’ from Minecraft to represent us because:

-he starts with nothing just like us in Foundation

-he gathers more and more things and gets smarter

-he becomes ‘the king of the world’

-he builds things like us building knowledge

-he takes risks

-he fights to the end

-he protects people

-he collects new things

-he changes skins and names and this shows that we are many different people



Our learning community is built on four key norms:

1) We listen to each other

2) We know that there is sometimes more than one good idea

3) We respect each other

4) We build on each other’s ideas


One of the things that we are trying to achieve this year (as well as in to the future) is to have the skills, the confidence and the knowledge to ‘feel comfortable wherever you are’

'Feeling comfortable wherever you are'